Physics is the study of the deep and profound nature of the universe. Even today, theoretical, experimental and computational Physicists work tirelessly to make sense of the cosmos, to understand phenomena occurring at the nanoscale, all the way to huge astronomical entities such as the formation of galaxies. The opportunities are immense and can only be expected to grow in our lifetimes. The Physics Department at LUMS is host to an outstanding teaching and research environment where our students can immerse themselves in the quest for studying and understanding our environment, and at the same time assist us in our goal of enhancing the region’s intellectual, economic and material capital. Research work undertaken at the department focuses on probing the fundamental physical aspects of the universe and examining the underlying mathematical structures. In addition to theoretical physics, the department is also involved in the development of novel applications in diverse areas.

Research Stories

For millennia, civilizations have found refuge around its meandering banks and in its wide basin…

In an absolutely stunning display of beauty, a drop of liquid oxygen, and its tail of gaseous…

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1.        Akbar, A., Khalid, M. W., and Anwar, M. S. ( 2017 ). ``Low…

Science Stories

Threading a needle can be a tedious task. Imagine engineering a thread that would automatically align itself as it nears a needle and threads…

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This year the 2020 Nobel prize in Physics is shared by Sir Roger Penrose - a Mathematician, Mathematical Physicist and Philosopher of Science whose work has had a profound influence across disciplines.

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