MS Programme

An Overview on MS Programmes at SBASSE

The MS programmes at SBASSE are rigorous and designed to impart specialised professional and research-oriented training to students. The school offers MS programme in the following six disciplines:

The MS programme requires completion of a total of minimum 30 credit hours and is offered in two variations: MS-by Thesis and MS-by Coursework. Students opting for MS-by Thesis must take 24 credit hours of coursework and complete 6 credit hours of thesis research under the supervision of a faculty advisor. The MS-by Coursework option requires students to take 30 credit hours of coursework.

All full-time MS students are expected to complete their programme’s degree requirements within 2 years of admission. Under exceptional circumstances (e.g., serious illness), a fifth and possibly sixth semester may be added to complete the programme. Such extension is subject to approval by the Departmental Graduate Programme Committee (DGPC) prior to registering for the MS Thesis, a student must first identify a faculty member (within SBASSE) willing to supervise his/her thesis research and serve as academic adviser of the student. The MS Thesis Committee must comprise of the academic advisor and at least one other faculty member from SBASSE.