SBASSE for Everyone

The Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering at LUMS seeks to share knowledge without boundaries. In line with our spirit of ‘city-wide education’, we invite a second cohort for ‘SBASSE-for-everyone’ (ایس-ایس-ای سب کے لیے), which provides specialized courses   and makes them available to citizens, who are not members of LUMS, for enrollment.         

In the second offering of this project, 'SBASSE-for-everyone' admissions are now open for enrollment in the courses being offered for Summer 2024.    

As a Visiting Student, you will relish unparalleled access to a broad spectrum of courses, allowing you to meticulously shape your educational journey in alignment with your zeal and ambitions. We also invite applications from learners from across the spectrum. You can be a student, professional, amateur, or a retired academic who wishes to learn afresh, while engaging in the full rigor these courses have to offer. These courses are part of the School’s regular curriculum and are not toned-down versions amenable to generalists. So, if you would like to leap into the full challenge, these courses are for you.      

When you apply for registration as a Visiting Student, we will evaluate your background and gauge your suitability for the course you have applied for. In most cases, we will accept your application. Registration is guaranteed if one pays the course fee (see below).

To know more about the ‘SBASSE-for-everyone (ایس-ایس-ای سب کے لیے)’ project, fee, course outlines, and biographies of instructors, you may also reach out to

Here is a list of courses offered in Summer 2024.        


  • Q1: How are fees structured for visiting students taking 1 or 2 courses?              
    Visiting students enrolling in one (1) or at the most two (2) courses in a semester, are required to pay the full per credit hour fee, in addition to a Rs. 20,000 processing fee per semester. This combined fee covers various 
    services, including smart card issuance, transcript services, library access, and general sports facility access.
  • Q2: What will the visiting students get?           
    Upon successful completion of the course, visiting students will receive a grade transcript and a certificate from the School, signed by the course instructor and the Dean.
  • Q3: How will pre-requisites be determined?             
    When students apply for a Visiting Student position, they are asked to provide details about their educational background. This helps the instructor determine suitability of the applicant for admission to the desired course.
  • Q4: What is the per credit hour fee for the course?        
    The course fee is 32,830/- per CH (Credit Hour) valid for the Summer 2024 term.
  • Q5: Please provide information about the course duration, class timings, and mode of classes.        
    The course has an approximate duration of 4 months. The classes are scheduled in two sessions: Morning or Afternoon, with 2 classes per week. The mode of classes is in-person, allowing students to interact and engage with the instructor.

Initiate your educational journey by reviewing the upcoming courses and apply now!

For the application process, please view the guidelines.

SBASSE-for-everyone (ایس-ایس-ای سب کے لیے) application for the SBASSE  - Calendar

Application openMay 03, 2024
Deadline to submit online admission application/documentsMay 10, 2024
File ReviewMay 13, 2024
Admission OffersMay 14, 2024
Commencement of ClassesMay 27, 2024


SBASSE-for-everyone (ایس-ایس-ای سب کے لیے) - A Project at Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering