International Maths Masters Programme (IMM)

International Mathematics Master (IMM)

The International Mathematics Master (IMM) is a prestigious two-year degree promoting mathematical excellence in developing countries and addressed to the very best graduate students with an interest in further study at a PhD level in any area of mathematics. 

The International Mathematics Masters, as it is called, promises to offer rigorous training in fundamental and applied mathematics, preparing its students for a rapid-paced, highly complex world that awaits them. Importantly, this means that our existing master's in mathematics will now be co-taught by international Faculty who will visit LUMS every year. Furthermore, each cohort will comprise of local and international students. The initiative will be co-funded by the ICTP and marks a new beginning in offering mathematical learning of the highest order in the country.

IMM-LUMS program is a joint effort of the School and the department for a paradigm qualitative shift; elaborating our role in promoting mathematics in the region as the Emerging Regional Centre of Excellence of Mathematics. 

Dr. Shaheen Nazir, is the focal person of this international programme.

What is the IMM programme?

The two-year programme is housed at the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE), LUMS will be taught by both LUMS faculty and leading mathematicians from around the globe. These experts will teach courses and co-supervise master's theses alongside LUMS faculty, bringing diverse perspectives, extensive knowledge, and teaching methodologies to benefit students. 

Why the International Mathematics Master (IMM) programme?

The International Mathematics Master (IMM) represents a pioneering approach to enhancing mathematical capacity in developing nations. The foundation and execution of the IMM concept have evolved over decades, drawing from the wealth of experience held by the faculty and staff of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP).

Admission criteria and benefits

For the MS Math Programme in partnership with ICTP, admission criteria includes the following: 

  • Academic Record 
  • Performance in Admission Tests 
  • Application Review 
  • Interview Performance (if shortlisted) 
  • Letters of Recommendation 
  • Submission of complete "Online Application" and supporting documents by the stipulated deadline

This MS programme offers a unique blend of rigorous modern mathematics coursework with cutting-edge research, offering Pakistani and international students an outstanding opportunity to learn, collaborate, and be mentored by distinguished faculty at LUMS and visiting professors from renowned institutions around the world. Additionally, students will have the chance to undertake short-term research visits abroad.

Both Pakistani and international students enrolled in this programme will be given:

  • Full fee waiver 
  • Free hostels 
  • Monthly stipend for two years as per university policy
  • Air travel (for international students)

Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded the prestigious IMM certificate endorsed by the ICTP along with the Master’s degree from LUMS.  

Please note that all students are obligated to serve as Teaching Assistants for a minimum of two courses during their studies. 

STEFANO LUZZATTO IMM Coordinator, Mathematics Section, Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy   

The International Mathematics Master (IMM) is run through a partnership between the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy, and the Mathematics Department at LUMS, which has recently been awarded the prestigious titles of ICTP Affiliated Centre and of Emerging Regional Centre of Excellence (ERCE) by the European Mathematical Society. The IMM is a world-class 2-year Master Programme focusing on Fundamental Mathematics. It is a competitive and challenging programme aimed at the very best Pakistani and international students who are interested in pursuing advanced research in Mathematics, or mathematics-related topics, at an international level.

Academic plan

Academic Plan

2 years course distribution semester plan

Year 1

Advanced Algebra


Qualitative differential equation


Differential Geometry




Advanced Topology


Complex Analysis




Year 2

Mathematical Analysis I


Probability and Statistical Analysis




Thesis A


Numerical Algebra and Analysis




Thesis B


Students should commence brainstorming for their research work (Thesis) during the summer semester, guided by the relevant instructor.

Key program details include:

  • A total of 8 courses spread across 4 regular semesters: 6 core courses and 2 elective courses.
  • All students are required to fulfill two Teaching Assistantships during the 2nd and 3rd semesters. 
IMM-LUMS courses and lecturers - Spring 2024


Spring 2024     
Course: Complex Analysis 
Dr. Sultan Sial, LUMS   
Research Interest: 

  • Statistical mechanics of mesoscale systems

  • Numerical methods


Spring 2024         
Course: Advanced Topology  
Dr. Shaheen Nazir, LUMS   
Research Interest: 

  • Combinatorics, Algebraic Geometry and Topology

  • Hyperplane arrangements

  • Spectral Graph Theory

  • Combinatorial Commutative Algebra


Spring 2024           
Course: Advanced Topology
Dr. Haniya Azam, LUMS   
Research Interest: 

  • Algebraic Geometry and Topology

  • Floer Theory and Lower Dimensional Topology


Spring 2024 |14 Jan - 26 Jan    
Course: Advance Topology
Prof. Daniele Angella, Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica “Ulisse Dini”, Università di Firenze, Firenze, Italy   
Full Professor in Geometry, Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica “Ulisse Dini”, Università di Firenze
January 21, 2013: PhD in Mathematics, at Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Pisa; thesis on “Cohomological aspects of non-Kähler manifolds”, advisor prof. Adriano Tomassini


Spring 2024 |25 Mar - 5 Apr    
Course: Advance Topology
Prof. Christian Blanchet , University of Paris, Paris, France
Professor Emeritus, University of Paris.


Spring 2024 |21 Jan - 4 Feb
Course: Advance Topology
Prof Frank Neumann , Universit`a di Pavia, Pavia, Italy
Dipartimento di Matematica ”Felice Casorati” Universit`a di Pavia
Via Adolfo Ferrata, 5I-27100 Pavia Italy

PhD in Mathematics (Dr. rer. nat.), Georg-August-Universit¨at G¨ottingen, Germany (August 1996)
Title: Bott’s theorem for loop spaces of Lie type and the Eilenberg-Moore spectral sequence.
Advisor: Prof. Larry Smith Ph.D. (Summa cum laude)


Spring 2024 |10 Mar - 23 Mar
Course: Complex Analysis
Prof Alberto Abbondandolo , Ruhr-University of Bochum, Bochum, Germany
Professor (W3, Chair Mathematical Analysis), Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany
Ph.D. in Mathematics, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy





IMM-LUMS courses and lecturers - Fall 2023


Fall 2023            
Course: Advanced Algebra    
Dr. Imran Anwar, LUMS    
Research Interest: 

  • Commutative Algebra

  • Enumerative Combinatorics 

  • Algebraic geometry


Fall 2023            
Course: Qualitative Differential Equation
Dr. Adnan Khan, LUMS    
Research Interest: 

  • Stochastic Models in Biology

  • Mathematical Finance

  • Multiscale Methods


Fall 2023            
Course: Differential Geometry                                         
Dr. Waqas Ali Azhar  
Research Interest: 

  • Dynamical Systems

  • Ergodic Theory

  • Complex Dynamics


Fall 2023            
Course: Qualitative Differential Equations             
Dr. Stefano Luzzatto (ICTP, Italy)             
Ph.D.  Dynamical Systems International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Trieste, Italy (1995)             
Research Scientist Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy. (2009 – present).



Upcoming activities
Travel DateSept 19-Sept 24, 2023 

John Conway Spirited Seminar Series

Title of the Talk: Fractal Geometry in Nature and Mathematics

22 September 2023 at 3:00 PM PKST (Friday)

Poster attached

Video Link:


Course: Differential Geometry           
Marco Abate (Pisa, Italy)            
Ph.D. degree in Mathematics, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa(October 22, 1988)           
International visiting faculty in the Chandigarh University, Garhuan, India. (Since July 2021)           
Currently a professor of mathematics at the University of Pisa.  




Upcoming Activities
Travel DateOct 8-Oct 18, 2023 
Seminar Title: “In Search of Lost Roots”Oct 13, 2023 at 10 amPictures attached

Everything is well organized. The staff is quite competent and able to answer promptly and very well to all my requests. The facilities are definitely suitable for a mathematics course (we do not need much, but having large blackboards has been very appreciated). The internet connection works well all over the campus; and the campus itself is beautiful. The lodgings and the office space are perfectly appropriate. The students are interested and active: they ask many meaningful questions, both during the class and outside the class, and they are clearly hard working.

Summing up, no complaints and congratulations for such a pleasant and productive environment.


Course: Differential Geometry          
Abdelghani Zeghib  (France)          
Ph.D., University of Dijon, France, Title: “Geodesic foliations on locally symmetric spaces and applications”, (1985)          
Research director, (first class), at the CNRS, (French center of scientific research)          
LUMS Vising date: Oct 15 -Oct 28, 2023          



Upcoming Activities
Travel DateOct 15-Oct 28, 2023
To be announcedMath Circle session on the Principle of Least Action 
List of upcoming international visiting faculty


Course: Advanced Algebra    
Spela Spenko (Brussels, Belgium)                                 
PhD in Mathematics, University of Ljubljana (22 June 2015)   
Assistant professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles (2018-present)   
LUMS Visiting date: Nov 5 -Nov 19, 2023



Course: Advanced Algebra    
Peter Stevenhagen (Leiden, Netherlands)    
Doctorate in mathematics, Universiteit van Amsterdam; Thesis: Ray class groups and governing fields (1989)   
Full professor, Mathematisch Instituut, Universiteit Leiden (2000-Present)   
LUMS Visiting date: Nov 16-Dec 2 , 2023




Course: Qualitative Differential Equations   
Charlene Kalle (Leiden, Netherlands)    
PhD in Mathematics Utrecht University Ergodic theory, Dynamical systems, Probability theory (Sept 2005 – August 2009)   
Associate professor Mathematical Institute, Leiden University (March 2021 – present )   
LUMS Visiting date: Nov 11- Nov 25, 2023   



Testimonial (IMM LUMS Student)

"My name is Muhammad Usama, and I am from Bahawalnagar. I consider enrolling in the MS Mathematics program (IMM) at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) a defining moment in my academic journey. This prestigious institution has welcomed me into its fold, where excellence is not just a standard but a way of life. With IMM, I have discovered an academic sanctuary where the pursuit of mathematical knowledge is not only encouraged but celebrated and I am excited to embark on this transformative journey of higher learning. Interactions with diverse peers, admirable faculty and engaging in LUMS Maths Circle have expanded my horizons and instilled in me the importance of teamwork and effective communication.  IMM provides a foundation for critical thinking by developing skills in problem solving; and offers a broad selection of courses that can be tailored according to diverse students’ needs. I express profound gratitude for the invaluable opportunities and experiences afforded to me by LUMS. Thank you!" - Muhammad Usama



Our experience at IMM LUMS has been quite positive so far. It's a stage where we're transitioning from simply knowing mathematics to doing mathematics. Initially, the new system seemed quite challenging, but we're gradually adapting and growing more comfortable with it. we have an excellent opportunity to learn mathematics under the supervision of prestigious international faculty. 
The support and environment at IMM LUMS are instrumental in helping us overcome the initial hurdles and excel in our mathematical pursuits." - Masood Ahmad



"The IMM program stands out as a truly exceptional experience I've been fortunate to be a part of. It's a distinctive offering, unlike any other, where students have the extraordinary opportunity to learn from a diverse group of internationally and locally acclaimed mathematicians within a single course. This exposure enables students to gain profound insights into the subject matter. The fact that the IMM program is hosted at LUMS further enhances the learning experience by providing a comfortable and convenient environment. This can be attributed to the remarkable infrastructure and facilities that LUMS offers." - Abderrahmane Labane