Honorific Fellowships

Honorific Fellowships (merit based) for undergraduates in the fundamental sciences 


Expanding upon the esteemed legacy of the Honorific Fellowships at the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering, moving forward, this distinguished fellowship will be awarded to the top 8 candidates (2 from each discipline) for a duration of three years. The distinguished students will receive scholarship of 50% (tuition fee), based on a maximum of 36 credit hours in a year. The fellowship encompasses students ranging from Sophomore to Senior Levels, who elect to major in any of the four foundational sciences (biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics) upon declaring their major.

These Fellowships were created from a generous donation received from Packages Limited honouring the 90th birthday of the Founder of the School, Syed Babar Ali.

These distinguished fellowships are named as follows:

Name of Distinguished Fellowship


Bilqees Mujeeb Fellowship

Life Sciences

Ahmed H. Zewail Fellowship


Khawaja Dil Muhammad Fellowship


Chandrasekhar Fellowship


Eligibility Criteria

Please find below the criteria/requirements of the Honorific Fellowships:

  • To qualify for the fellowship, students must be among the top 8 (2 each) ranked individuals during 
    the major declaration/allocation process from the four basic sciences.
  • Fellowship recipients are not allowed to switch majors outside of the specified four subjects throughout their undergraduate studies.
  • The fellowship recipient is required to maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.5 with a workload of 
    30 CHs per year.
  • Distinguished fellows will not receive additional funding from LUMS exceeding 50%.
  • The fellowship will be granted for a three-year period with the addition of a new batch every year, until 2030.

Complete lists of Honorific Fellowships:

Video Testimonials:


Ahmed Zewail Fellowship

Chandrasekhar Fellowship

Dil Muhammad Fellowship




Brief biographies of the honored academics follow: