SBASSE Student Societies

There are many active societies and clubs exist at LUMS that allow students to meet their recreational and intellectual needs. Students are always encouraged to become a member of a society of their interest.

LUMS Students Mathematics Society

LUMS Students Mathematics Society (LSMS) is a student-run society at LUMS. The society is run on the values of Imagination, Curiosity and Integrity. The society consists of highly motivated students who work to make Math and Science a part of the daily conversations again. The aim of the Society is not only to help make the subject of Math and Science important again, it is to give these budding scientists and mathematicians the platform to explore and grow as individuals.

Sigma is the flagship event of the LUMS Students’ Mathematics Society. With its participants coming in from over 25 institutions across Pakistan, SIGMA is one of the biggest events of its kind and takes place over the course of three days.

Salam Sessions
The Salaam Sessions is a platform for interactive discussions on mathematics and mathematical physics. The aim is to keep a discussion on a qualitative level so that it is accessible to everyone with an interest but also have it be rigorous enough to appeal to those who have significant experience in the field.

Integration Bee
Modeled along the lines of the MIT Integration Bee, the event will pitch participants against each other in a knock-out contest. Whoever correctly solves the given integration problem first, proceeds to the next round. With bragging rights up for grabs, we can only say, “May the best integral-solver win!”

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LUMS Society of Chemical Sciences and Engineering (LSCSE)

The LUMS Society of Chemical Sciences & Engineering works to promote the advancement of chemical sciences, engineering, and emerging technologies to facilitate the global narrative of scientific discovery, development, and sustainability. We aim to bridge the divide between capable inquisitive young minds and flourishing opportunities to cultivate and inspire a culture of impactful research and innovative critical thinking at both a national and international level.

We look forward to facilitating and empowering youth potential in realizing cutting edge ideas and unique initiatives in the effort of shaping a more positively advanced and permanently sustainable world embodying the principles of transparency, teamwork, and communication in the name of mutual benefit and growth. 

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LUMS Data Science Society

This ‘Society’ strives to be open to as many lines of thinking as there are valid states of mind — whether they be from Management Science, CS, or Econ Math majors — following a strong directive force backed by a strategic Board which exists to represent the full spectrum of professional interests of LUMS students — CS, Management Science, Econ/Math, Economics Majors/Minors etc.. It aims to understand the circumstances of the creation of the new field of Data Science and spread awareness about its use as a base in science and research.

The ‘Society,’ as a source of information and knowledge-producer, will go into print when we have something to inform about the developments in the field. When any ethical/technical/professional question is susceptible to the discussion and needs to be talked about, dissected, uncovered, operated upon, we will nurture a group of problem-solvers to expand these discussions for meaningful outcomes.

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LUMS Women in Computing

The mission of LWiC is to bring the amazing community of women in CS at LUMS together, to encourage them to push their boundaries and succeed against all odds, to support them in achieving outstanding milestones, and to provide mentorship opportunities.

LWiC offers mentorship via study groups, social activities such as bootcamps, networking opportunities, and professional events in collaboration with organizations such as Pakistani Women in Computing (PWiC) and Women in Tech, Pakistan. Encourage more women to come into the field of Computer Science by making them aware of the endless opportunities for them in this field.

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IEEE Societies at LUMS

IEEE International promotes the betterment of humanity by leveraging technology & promoting innovative advancements. IEEE LUMS promotes global connectivity, science and engineering as they are the fundamental enterprises, for which international collaboration and constructive discussion of ideas within talented individuals are essential to advancement. IEEE LUMS being a Student Branch of this enormous international web takes this mission at an indigenous perspective by mapping these visionary objectives within their domain especially LUMS. IEEE LUMS along with its affinity groups; IEEE PES, WIE, and IEEE CS Society, aims to devise a collaborative & diverse opportunistic environment for students, researchers and young professionals, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender, or nationality. To support this realization IEEE LUMS provides a network with which all these individuals can take useful benefits from the facilities provided by IEEE Global. Science, engineering - and humanity - prosper where there is freedom of movement, association, and communication supported by the brilliant mentorship, constructive discussions & essential resource.

IEEE WIE LUMS (Women In Engineering)
This is the first affinity group established under the administration of IEEE LUMS. This department encourages female students to realize their dreams of becoming an engineer, breaking the stereotype. This sub-chapter aims to hold seminars, webinars and talks on the topics which directly or indirectly support this better cause. We boost the confidence of women & encourage them with big names from industry.

IEEE LUMS Computer Science Society
The most active Affinity group of IEEE LUMS, IEEE LUMS Computer Science Society conducts seminars, hands on workshops, webinars, talks and coding competitions. The vision of CS sub-chapter is to provide efficient and robust solutions for programmable problems and take the vision of IIEEE LUMS; leveraging technology for the betterment for human beings, to new heights.

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Societ of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)

Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) is an international educational society for optics and photonics, founded in 1955 to advance light-based technologies. The not-for-profit society advances emerging technologies through interdisciplinary information exchange, continuing education, and publications. LUMS has an active student chapter of SPIE since 2018. It organizes technical conferences, out reach activities, and continuing education programs for researchers and developers in the light-based fields of physics.

SPIE LUMS Chapter aims to advertise quality education all over Pakistan. It gives a platform to engage with the underprivileged and minorities around us. And the opportunity to be a part of international science community that works for the development, innovation and advertising of photonics and optical studies.

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Spades is a society that comes with the purpose of promoting science and engineering and providing science students from all over the country a golden chance to showcase their scientific and innovative talents. The Spades family grows every year cultivating a culture that harbours love and strength.

SPADES’ flagship event, PsiFi, is one of the biggest science olympiad in Pakistan where students of various schools from all over the country come to participate. With more than 1100 participants last year, PsiFi has had 10 successful editions with the 11thedition to come this academic year. The organizing team consists of around 300 members every year and each one of them working hard to make sure the participants have the most enjoyable learning experience. A range of events in a very scientifically nurtured environment are available for participants to compete in along with a social event on each day of the event that are an attraction in themselves. PsiFi has always been one of the biggest events of LUMS and we at SPADES hope that you join us this year for another successful edition of PsiFi: PsiFi XI.

LUMS Science Symposium
SPADES took this initiative with the main aim of promoting the passion for scientific research and inquiry in Schools, Colleges, and Universities. It is our firm belief that by allowing students of schools and colleges to engage in university-level research, we can inculcate in them the spirit of seeking scientific solutions to modern-world issues; The idea is to equip an entire generation with the tools necessary to excel in the fields of science. It is a proven fact that experiential learning goes beyond the conventional means of acquiring knowledge. Such initiatives would, therefore, also ensure that our younger generation can contribute profusely to the socio-economic progress of this country.

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