Undergraduate Education

The Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE) has a diverse range of Science and Technology subjects with an aim to produce future innovative and impactful leaders

About the SSE Core

Dr. Haniya sharing her thoughts on Philosophy of what we teach:


Undergraduate Programmes:

The BS programmes at SBASSE offers a four-year BS degree in the following areas:

Graduation Requirements for SBASSE Majors:


Graduation Requirements 130-136
University Core 8 (3 courses)
University Distribution 9-12 (3 courses)
SBASSE Core 34
Major Requirements 50-76 (depending on the discipline)
Major Core required Courses 34-59
Major Electives 9-21
Free Electives 19-21 (6 for EE and CHE)

University Core and Distribution Requirements:

The University core requirements are of 8 credit hours, while the Out-Group Courses entail taking 3 courses
outside the SBASSE.

University Core Courses:
Kindly refer to Section 1: Undergraduate Programme Policies and Regulation (Policy 3.2)

University Distribution Courses:
In-Group - The SBASSE core courses adequately meet the “four-course requirements” outside your major,
but within your group/area.
Out-Group - Kindly refer to Section 1: Undergraduate Programme Policies and Regulation (Policy 3.3)

SBASSE Core Courses:
The SBASSE core courses are of 34 credits which are divided into the following,

Biology 04
Chemistry 04
Computing 03
Electrical Engineering 01
Mathematics 09
Physics 10
Total Credit Hours 131

SBASSE Elective* 03 Credit hours
Economics & Mathematics 08 Credit hours
*IMPORTANT: The SBASSE Elective is an essential component of the SBASSE core curriculum. Students are required to enroll in any one 3 credit hour course offered by SBASSE in their Sophomore year or beyond. The SBASSE Elective must be outside a student’s major area of study but within SBASSE. It must be a 200+ level course.
For EE Majors PHY-204: Electricity and Magnetism will count towards their SBASSE Elective.
For CS and CHE Majors: (MATH 102) Calculus II will count towards their SBASSE Elective.

Major Core Requirements For each SBASSE major these are:

Biology 48
Chemistry 47
Computer Science 42
Chemical Engineering 57
Economics & Mathematics 24/11
Electrical Engineering 59
Mathematics 34
Physics 40

Major Elective Requirements
Students pursuing different majors must enroll in elective courses offered by their department. The list of
electives offered is fluid and can vary from one semester to another. Students may choose to follow a
“stream” if offered by a particular department. Students must take a minimum of 9 credit hours from this
category of courses; the maximum number of credit hours obtained from major elective courses varies
depending on the discipline as follows:

Biology 09
Chemistry 09
Chemical Engineering 18
Computer Science 15
Economics & Mathematics 8/6-8
Electrical Engineering 17
Mathematics 21
Physics 18

Free Electives
In addition to the major core and major elective courses, students must enroll in courses categorized as
“free electives”. The free electives may be “scattered” LUMS-wide or may be “concentrated” and used
towards obtaining any one of the minor degrees offered by MGSHSS, SBASSE or SDSB. The total number of credit hours obtained from courses that are in the “free elective” category vary depending on the discipline as follows:

Biology 20
Chemistry 20
Chemical Engineering 06
Computer Science 19
Economics & Mathematics 25-30
Electrical Engineering  06
Mathematics 21
Physics 18