About the website

The SBASSE website – revamped from the ground up in 2020 – is a gateway to all things SSE. It spotlights the School’s history and ethos, along with its pedagogical framework and scholarly output, whilst also exposing viewers to a vast and ever-expanding gamut of salient features including our esteemed faculty, curricular and research activities, academic output, science outreach, and the School’s safety programming, among others. The website is also richly populated with resources to support community members in navigating the School and making inroads into their scientific endeavors.

To expand the School’s online footprint and further strengthen our outreach efforts, SBASSE also has cultivated a robust social media presence on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Here, the announcements and stories are more compendious, whilst viewers get access to a seamless and integrative way to repost content and spread the word in their circles.

A quick peek at the website and socials will lay bare our commitment towards communicating the School’s research and impact to the LUMS community and beyond – rolling out SSE’s scientific enterprise in a world that is increasingly spurred by digital media. Scientifically-geared content populates our website in the form of research and science stories. The School has its own science communication cell, where these transmissive undertakings originate from before taking root in the wider community. The communication cell is home to a science communicator and a science illustrator who work together to synthesize and curate meaningful content. These features are crafted from a science-journalism vantage where they are tailored to appeal to the laity, but are also kept grounded in scientific fidelity, thereby retaining informational value for experts and science enthusiasts.

The School remains resolute in highlighting stories that capture and distill the work of our faculty, students, and researchers. Such stories can emerge through two different schemes. One way would be for the School’s communication cell to permeate into the system and actively look for stories in order to create and disseminate news items in a journalistic fashion. An alternative approach would be for community members to write to the communication cell if they would like their particular achievements to be highlighted. Members of the community and the communication cell would need to work together in unison, by employing both approaches, to ensure that noteworthy achievements and activities do not slip through the cracks. For this we would need regular bouts of information from department coordinators, including information about new seminars or symposia, copies of ongoing student theses, and any substantive departmental news that they would like to be bulletinized. Signature seminar series from various departments are already highlighted on our website. These include LUMS Math Circles, Abdus Salam Memorial Lecture Series, Zooming Molecular & Cellular Biology Colloquium, John Conway Spirited Seminar Series, SBASSE Public Lecture Series, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Webinars, Conversations with Women in Science and Technology, and Modelling, Learning and Sensing in Hydrology. We encourage coordinators and other departmental partners to share key updates and postworthy news with the communication cell regularly, so that community members from other departments of SSE and from the wider LUMS citizenry stay abreast of the latest developments emanating from your respective units. These news items will also expose your work to non-community members and external viewers, elevating your online presence and generating value in terms of attracting potential partnerships and forging external linkages. In line with our efforts to amplify and relay departmental feats, we have also set up homepages for the departments, however, faculty’s research pages and detailed group webpages are beyond our purview at the moment. In 2 order to foreground individual research groups and their scientific investigations we have, however, documented and linked all of these on our main website, creating a digital freeway to individual group websites where the bulk of your work resides. This compendium can be accessed on the representative research groups page. Additionally, a research streams corner captures 7 diverse and emerging research streams at SBASSE. These include Health and Medicine, Nanomaterials and Computational Materials Science, Numerics and Mathematical Modelling, Revolutionizing The Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies, Technology for Development, The Quantum Revolution, and Sustainable Innovation in the Food-Water-Energy Nexus. The idea behind highlighting these is to encourage faculty to develop their own research pages.

The SBASSE website is also a compendium of useful information about the School – offering community members (especially new inductees) access to a wide range of resources, trainings, and an assortment of elements central to the School’s operations. The website offers an engaging exhibit of SSE’s activities, where there is something for everyone to pick up on, whether you are faculty, staff, or student. A page on course advertisements catalogues some innovative courses offered every semester by SSE faculty. All issues of the School’s quarterly science magazine, The Particle (theparticle@lums.edu.pk), are also available at the website. Within these digital halls you will find a diverse collection of information, ranging from the composition, purview, and meeting minutes of committees that oversee the School’s programming and safety to a list of school-based job opportunities for students. A compilation of signature seminar series can also be viewed on the website, as mentioned earlier. Short stories of our students, researchers, staff, and faculty are present as bite-sized snippets or lengthier offerings in the form of videobytes. An integral element of the website is our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) corner, where you can stay up to speed with the latest safety updates, take critical safety trainings, and report an incident or safety observation. The OHS space is also home to a document directory that comprises safety documents spanning policies, protocols/procedures, safety bulletins, meeting minutes, data sheets, inspection reports, and more.

We would also like to underscore an off-center but constitutive element of the website, known as the Dean’s Diary – a digital repository curated by the Dean that displays and archives noteworthy updates and key announcements emerging from every facet of the School.

From showcasing SBASSE’s forward-looking and innovative outlook to exposing viewers to a steady output of scientific content, our website and socials form an assemblage that articulates the School’s pulse. Whether you are in for a casual stroll or an exhaustive look, we invite you to tune into our website and social media platforms to enrich your SBASSE experience (for the graphical sitemap, please see here).

Queries about the website can be routed to the web editor, Yawar Abbas Bokharee. You can write to him at yawar.bokharee@lums.edu.pk.