Colloquium zooming Molecular & Cellular Biology

Zooming Molecular & Cellular Biology Colloquium was initiated on July 28th, 2020 by the Biology department. The series is carefully curated and run by Dr Muhammad Tariq who is an Associate Professor at the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering at LUMS. The series follows through various topics which come under the ambit of Molecular and Cellular Biology and in the past eight months, we’ve had the pleasure and honour of hosting some of the most knowledgeable scientists from around the globe. Below are the topics under discussion, our speakers and a link to the LIVE recorded talks. 

Here are a few words by Dr. Muhammad Tariq who is the curator of the series: 

I always felt that we are isolated and disconnected with scientific community in life sciences. Since beginning, I was worried about the impact of this isolation and the deficiencies our students may have in the absence of regular scientific seminar culture. I believe MCB seminar series is the biggest blessing of covid19 for life scientists here in Pakistan. It has not only enabled us to listen to the latest advances in life sciences but has also has connected us with highly accomplished scientists abroad. I strongly believe our students at LUMS as well as throughout Pakistan should attend these seminars. The impact these seminars will have on our learning is far more significant than what we try to learn through text books by ourselves. 

Upcoming Events:

Mechanisms of the Malignant

Topic: Location and numbers: how recombination and our chemical landscape converge on meiosis

Speaker: Professor Dr. Wendy Bickmore

Date: Wednesday, November 9th, 2021

Time: 07:00 pm PKT

Venue: Zoom / Online