Graduate Education

For over a decade, the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE) at LUMS has been imparting top-quality education with an aim to produce future leaders that can make innovative and impactful contributions to Science & Technology – a key to the success of any Nation.       

SBASSE offers graduate and doctoral degrees in a wide range of disciplines. During the course of study, student learning takes place through lectures, tutorials, laboratories, problem-solving exercises, research projects and frequent interaction with the experienced and world-class faculty members.

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Are you starting your graduate education at the SBASSE this Fall 2023?  Click Here to learn about the Graduate Student Orientation 2023!

The LUMS Podcast on SBASSE Graduate Programmes

Watch the LUMS podcast to learn more about the MS and PhD programmes at SBASSE, LUMS.

The LUMS Podcast | SBASSE PhD Programmes - Ft. Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar, Professor and Dean at SBASSE

The LUMS podcast | PhD Chemical and Environmental Engineering - Ft. Dr. Faheem Hassan Akhtar and Dr. Shahana Khurshid

The LUMS podcast | MS and PhD Chemistry Programmes - Ft. Dr. Falak Sher and Maimoona Zafar (MS Student)

The LUMS podcast | MS and PhD Biology Programmes - Ft. Dr. Muhammad Tariq and Amina Sarwar (MS Student)

The LUMS podcast | MS and PhD Physics Programme - Ft. Dr. Ammar Ahmed Khan and Iqra Imran (MS Student)

The LUMS podcast | MS and PhD Electrical Engineering Programme - Ft. Dr. Hassan Mohy Ud Din and Dr. Zubair Khalid, and Khadija Shah (PhD Student)

The LUMS podcast | MS and PhD Mathematics Programme - Ft. Dr. Imran Anwar and Ameer Hamza (Phd Student)

The LUMS podcast | MS and PhD Computer Science Programme - Ft. Dr. Agha Ali Raza and Abdul Hameed (Phd Student)


SBASSE MS programmes

Watch introductory videos of our MS programmes, featuring SBASSE faculty members.

MS Electrical Engineering at SBASSE featuring Dr. Ijaz Haider Naqvi

MS Biology at SBASSE featuring Dr. Muhammad Tariq

MS Computer Science at SBASSE featuring Dr. Muhammad Hamad Alizai


Message from the Dean

SBASSE has a special place in my heart. I joined this school twelve years ago when the school was being built at LUMS. I chose to work here because I thought we could make a difference. With the years, my own belief in the goodness of science and how we can impact the society has grown.       

The graduate programme in science and engineering at LUMS is poised to make an impact. Even though the largest part of our student population comprises undergraduates, our deepest impact would truly be made by the research that emanates from the work of the graduate (Masters and PhD) students who are indeed the engines and drivers of our research mission.       

Many of our Master's students are employed as full-time professionals or are seasoned teachers positioned in colleges and universities across the country. The programme, therefore, aims to enhance the students’ vision of the subject and providing them distinct examples of creative, exemplary and inspiring teaching, an attitude they can emulate or benchmark for themselves as they revert to their teaching professions. 

PhD students are encouraged to travel internationally to share their research with their peers worldwide, can write grants and can also compete for the competitive Syed Babar Ali Research Awards which provide extra support for research. Additionally, all PhD students are provided support for their competing needs and can avail the excellent on-campus housing facilities. In due course, mothers who wish to become graduate students can avail childcare support.        

The SBASSE LUMS provides a conducive research culture to our graduate students enabling a dedicated focus towards the research endeavour, while we at the School, strive to take care of provisioning them with the supplies, materials and equipment. Our PhD students enjoy a rich research infrastructure powered by central research laboratories, a Makerspace, fully equipped workshops, disciplinary research wings and state-of-the-art research instrumentation.       

At LUMS SBASSE, we are different because we care for our graduate students, whom we believe give away chunks of their lives for higher learning and for seeking knowledge, which some envisage as seeking the truth—the truth which in many ways liberates us from mediocrity.       

Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar        
Professor of Physics       
Ahmad Dawood Chair and Dean       
Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering