School Disciplinary Committee and Ethical Academic Practices (DCEAP)

School Committee


Honesty and integrity are not an option, it's a part of our existence, our very core. I receive lots of feedback from students and Faculty about rampant cheating, and unfair advantages in academic work and I decided to write this honest email on this forum. We all are disappointed when we hear about these episodes, whose full scale I don't know at the moment.

What we like instead is to have a culture where we go by the call of our conscience, our inner selves and understand that taking unfair advantage of anyone else may give us temporary relief, but it is only synthetic and ephemeral. Only higher qualities of our character will last and will matter in the end.

At our School, we are rather striving for a system where we abide by the intrinsic moral compass and stick to an honour code. For example, we are inviting faculty members to practice zero-invigilation and zero-surveillance in exams and devise processes that discourage and penalize episodes of departure from the norms.

In this respect, we have constituted a School-wide Disciplinary committee to not only look after complaints but also help in creating mechanisms and an honour code which epitomizes our belief in the nobility of our character and fair conduct. Following is the list of members:

Dr. Khurram Bashir (Life Sciences)
Dr. Qasim Imtiaz (Chemistry and Chemical Eng.)
Dr. Maryam Abdul Ghafoor (CS)
Dr. Tajdar Mufti (Physics )
Dr Ali Asher Zaidi (Mathematics) 
Dr. Fareed Zafar (CS)
Dr. Hassan Jaleel (EE)
Aleena Khan (Academic Affairs)
Nouman Baig (Academic Affairs)
Faryal Shuja (RO)
Shabbir Hussain (OSA)
Maryam Amir (Math)
Summaya Lucman (MS, Student Council)
Muhammad Naeem Khan (PhD, Student Council)
Dr. Adeel Pasha (EE, Convenor)
Mohammad Shahid Kabli (UG Student Rep)