The Department of Computer Science at LUMS offers a rigorous undergraduate education. Our goal is to deliver CS education that is at par or better than the world’s finest educational institutions. Our program not only prepares our students for careers in leading companies but also in carrying our world-class research. LUMS CS students have been consistently placed in leading companies across the world including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon and receive fully-funded graduate admission offers from the most prestigious universities in the world including MIT, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, CMU, UIUC, UT Austin and many others. For the last many years we have had 100% success rate for graduate admissions and job placements. As CS education is important in many other disciplines, we believe in imparting broad-based education to our students. Thus, in addition to CS courses, the students could take as many as ten courses from other departments including Management, Economics, Law, Biology, Mathematics and others, thus broadening their horizon in multiple disciplines.


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You must have heard parents teach their younger children that sharing is caring. Well, let’s…

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Dr. Shafay Shamail has been made Professor and granted tenure in the Department of Computer Science at SBASSE. Dr. Shafay is a pioneer of software…

Seminars and Conferences

The Computer Science department at SBASSE is holding a talk on “Predictive Auto-scaling of Multi-tier Applications Using Performance Varying Cloud Resources” by Dr. Waheed Iqbal on Friday, February 26 at 4:00 pm.


About the speaker: 

سائنسی اردو

 کسی بھی زبان کی شاہراہِ ترقی کا ایک سنگِ نشان یہ بھی ہوتا ہے کہ اُس زبان میں مختلف انواع کے مضامین اور موضوعات کس قدر…