OHS Committee

The primary purpose of the OHS committee is to formulate policy, promote awareness and implement procedures pertaining to occupational health and safety issues among students, faculty, staff and relevant stakeholders at SBASSE as per international safety standards applicable in an educational and scientific enterprise such as the SBASSE.

Dr. Ghayoor Abbas

Associate Professor, OHS Committee Convener

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department, SBASSE

Email: ghayoor.abbas@lums.edu.pk

Dr. Amir Faisal

Associate Professor

Biology Department, SBASSE

Email: amir.faisal@lums.edu.pk

Dr. Ammar Ahmed Khan

Assistant Professor

Physics Department, SBASSE

Email: ammar.ahmed@lums.edu.pk

Dr. Fozia Parveen

Adjunct Faculty

Center of Water Informatics and Technology, SBASSE

Email: fozia.parveen@lums.edu.pk

Khalid Javed Khan Niazi

Lab Facilitator

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department, SBASSE

Email: khalid.niazi@lums.edu.pk

Khalida Asif

Scientific Officer

Biology Department, SBASSE

Email: khalida.mazhar@lums.edu.pk

Azeem Iqbal

Sr. Lab Instructor

Physics Department, SBASSE

Email: azeem.iqbal@lums.edu.pk

Wardah Mahmood

PhD Student

Physics Department, SBASSE

Email: 19120017@lums.edu.pk

Rizwan Rafique

Assistant Manager

General Administration and Services, LUMS

Email: rizwan.rafique@lums.edu.pk

Faheem Nadeem

Sr. Lab Technician

Electrical Engineering Department, SBASSE

Email: faheem.nadeem@lums.edu.pk

Eaitsam Akram

Technical Safety Specialist, CSP, ASSP

Safety and Engineering Cell, SBASSE

Email: m.akram@lums.edu.pk

Khawaja Muhammad Farid

Team Lead

Facilities and Engineering, LUMS

Email: muhammad.farid@lums.edu.pk