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Learning without borders, with academic freedom & rigour, may reflect the true spirit of SSE. During 1st year of their “Learning Expedition”, the students at SSE are given well-rounded science education experience which enables them to break the barriers of one particular major, they might be aiming in the beginning, rather open endless horizons of inter-disciplinary approach which ultimately defines the way forward in years to come.

The LUMS Podcast: Undergraduate programmes at the SBA School of Science & Engineering

Watch the LUMS Podcast featuring Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar, Ahmad Dawood Chair, and Dean of the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering, who shares how the world-class, multidisciplinary undergraduate programmes at the School are unique. 

Why do I teach at the SBA School of Science and Engineering?

Please watch Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar's video below:

Why is this a School of Science and Engineering?

The School of Science and Engineering has a unique core curriculum, our mathematics students for example courses have to take courses in Biology, Physics, likewise, a prospective Biology major has to undertake rigorous courses in Mathematics. We generally get a lot of Criticism about this core curriculum even from our own students but the same students who enter research fields later in their careers relish this experience. We at the SBASSE believes that the discoveries in science and innovations in technology and engineering are highly interdisciplinary and draw upon strengths from a diverse melange of discourses. Therefore our core curriculum is designed to impart this interdisciplinary sense of scientific wonders, scientific curiosity and technological acumen to all our students.  

The core curriculum allows our students not to declare their major until the end of the first year. This gives them the opportunity to discover themselves to probe deeper into their own conscious to discover their own strengths and carve for themselves a future that is closer to their hearts.

Science for Pakistan

We are a School of Science and Engineering this is rather a unique undertaking for Pakistan which traditionally bifurcates this discipline into science contrasted with engineering. However, we believe in the fusion therefore our students undergo a science education which is a repeat with examples of applications likewise they participate in engineering which is enriched and infused with basic sciences. We believe that cutting edge discoveries which we hear about so often is a true amalgamation of knowledge ranging from the very basic fundamentals to the most interdisciplinary applications. Our core curriculum education our building our infrastructure our committees all reflect this inextricable union between science and engineering and also invites inputs from social-economic business paradigm. 

About the SSE Core

Dr. Haniya sharing her thoughts on Philosophy of what we teach:


Dr. Muhammad Abubakr, Director of WIT and Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering, sharing his thoughts on the core philosophy of SBASSE: