Carl Sagan Write for Science Internship

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The Science Communication Cell at SBASSE is excited to announce the Carl Sagan Write for Science Internship program. The program has two primary goals; to establish a culture of ardent science journalism in the school and to develop and prune science writing skills in our students.

The internship presents an opportunity for all students (BS, MS and PhD) and staff, to merge their creative writing skills with scientific fervour and create awe-inspiring science stories. During the 4-week voyage, you will learn the ins and outs of science communication, copyediting, a plethora of techniques to capture the attention of your reader and explore various methods to create content that is well-balanced, coherent and engaging. Not only will you be encouraged to create content that inks your imagination but captures the imagination and emotional attention of your potential reader also; stories that attempt to create a connection between both the reader and the writer. You will also have the opportunity to give your work a visual identity by working closely with the in-house artisan! Who knows – your content may get featured on the SBASSE website, digital platforms and the school’s quarterly science magazine, The Particle!

The program will enroll a maximum of 2 interns. After successfully completing the internship, each intern will receive their certificate, along with an honorarium.

The first cohort of the internship has just graduated. Registrations for the September session are open till Sunday, 5 September 2021. Register by filling out the form here:

For more information
Feel free to send an email to Roshaan Bukhari (Science Communicator, SBASSE) at

Congratulations to First Cohort! Taha Zakir (BS Computer Science), Ahtesham Mubarak (MS Electrical Engineering) and Sitara Hassan (Research Associate Biology).


Highlights of the First Cohort


 by Sitara Hassan


 by Ahtesham Mubarak


  by Sitara Hassan


  by Taha Zakir