Carl Sagan Create for Science Internship

The internship has two primary goals; to establish a culture of ardent science journalism in the school and to develop and prune science writing skills in our students.


Explore the legacy of the Carl Sagan Create for Science Internship, where students merged creativity with scientific passion to craft compelling science  and research stories through writing, photography, videography, and graphics.

The Carl Sagan internship gives an opportunity for all BS, MS, and PhD students to merge their creative writing skills with scientific fervor and create awe-inspiring science stories. During the 2 and 1/2-month voyage, you will indulge in a mix of the four categories, writing, photography, videography, and graphics/animation, to explore science journalism, based on exciting scientific stories emanating from the School. Who knows – your content may end up getting featured on the School's digital platforms, as well as in our flagship magazine - The Particle!

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Some Highlights from Our Interns


 by Sitara Hassan


 by Ahtesham Mubarak


  by Sitara Hassan


  by Taha Zakir

 by Mirza Sarim Ahmed Beg

 by Fajr Fatima

  by Muhammad Ahmad Kashif

  by Aleena Saqib