“to carry out world-class, multidisciplinary education and research”.


The nationwide scarcity of science and engineering graduates with cross-disciplinary skills motivated the founders of SBASSE to establish the School of Science and Engineering at LUMS to bring a paradigm shift in science and engineering education in the country. The LUMS Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE), initiated in 2008, is the first private research school for science and engineering in Pakistan with a vision, “to carry out world-class, multidisciplinary education and research”.

Modelled on some of the leading universities of the world, it aims to be a paradigm shift for science and engineering education in the country.

Its mission is to:

  • Create globally competitive technology leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • Produce multi-disciplinary research of national and international significance.
  • Solve the problems and anticipate the needs of domestic and global industry and society.
  • Become a doorway of opportunity by admitting students independent of financial, social, gender, ethnic, or religious boundaries.
  • Become a model for other high-quality research universities in Pakistan.


The concept of “no boundaries” education and interdisciplinary research is a key strength and a pillar of SBASSE. High-quality science and engineering education are at the heart of our vision and we are strongly committed to continually evolve our unique common core curriculum in line with the latest trends at top international research universities.

The school intends to increase emphasis on continuous improvement of teaching pedagogy and curricular modernization as well as recognition and acknowledgement of good teaching. Further strengthening the driving philosophy of “no boundaries”, the school intends to effectively engage with other schools at LUMS to create opportunities for transdisciplinary teaching and research.

Our School’s vision is exemplified by some of the cross-cutting themes pursued in our Departments and research groups. A snapshot view of our Departments and ideas brimming in our School is given below.

Our Departments:

Biology by Dr. Amir Faisal
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering by Dr. Falak Sher 
Computer Science by Dr. Basit Shafiq
Electrical Engineering by Dr. Muhammad Abubakr
Mathematics by Dr. Haniya Azam
Physics by Dr. Muhammad Faryad

Visionary Research Themes:

The Quantum Revolution
by Dr. Ata Ul Haq:
Technology for People
by Dr. Fareed Zafar and Dr. Murtaza Taj:
Sustainable Urban Development
by Dr. Momin Uppal:
Malnutrition and Biosafety Labs.
by Dr. Shaper Mirza:
Lahore's Air Quality Assessment
by Dr. Qasim Imtiaz:
Innovative Farming and WIT
by Dr. Muhammad Abubakr:
Drought and Stress Resistant Crops
by Dr. Khurram Bashir: