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Dec 23 2021

John Conway Spirited Seminar Series – A celebration of Mathematics

During the year 2021, since the inception of John Conway Spirited Seminar Series, we have organized very exciting talks on diverse areas of mathematics throughout the year. 

We would like to express our special gratitude to all our distinguished speakers around the globe.

It has been an exciting beginning of the John Conway Spirited Seminar Series, organized by the department of mathematics SBASSE, LUMS. We would like to thank all our distinguished speakers from various countries for their wonderful, invited talks, on various interesting topics of broader interests.

Online setup allows us to broadcast these seminars internationally. We would like to thank all our national and international participants, who not only attended these seminars but also contributed to interesting follow-up discussions.  

A full list of all talks is here:

If you miss any talk or want to download the video recording of any particular talk, please visit our website: 

It's a humble tribute to the great legacy of John Horton Conway, who had contributed so much to mathematics and the community at large. We are hoping to keep the spirit high of the John Conway Spirted Seminar Series in the upcoming year 2022.