Event date:
Mar 8 2021 4:00 pm

Traces via Spectral Shift Function

Professor Dr. Muhammad Usman
One of the basic problems of perturbation and spectral theory is to determine the spectral properties of a perturbed operator H when the spectral properties of the associated unpertubed operator H0 are known. Spectral shift function (SSF), which describes the shift of the eigenvalues of H relative to the eigenvalues of H0, is one of the major tools in describing the relationship between certain traces associated with the two operators. The aim is to introduce spectral shift function and discuss its applications to Schrodinger operators.

In the upcoming J. Conway Spirited Mathematics Seminar Series, Dr. Muhammad Usman will be talking about “Traces via Spectral Shift Function”. Dr. Usman belongs from the Department of Mathematics at SBASSE LUMS and has his research interests in spectral theory of differential operators and quantum graphs. In particular, he is interested in the self-adjoint extensions, trace formulae and spectral bounds. 

All the seminars in this series are linked here: https://bit.ly/3b9Meqn