Event date:
Oct 18 2021 4:00 pm

Combinatorial G-Conjecture for Interval Subdivisions

Imran Anwar & Shaheen Nazir
This is a tag seminar, where Dr. Imran Anwar & Dr. Shaheen Nazir will present the well-known g-conjecture linked with a complete characterization of f-vectors of simplical d-spheres. They will present some related results and proof of g-conjecture for interval subdivisions of Cohen-Macaulay simplical complexes using purely combinatorial methods. The talk is mainly the highlight of their recent manuscript accepted in the Communications in Algebra.

John Conway Spirited Mathematics Seminar Series invites you to a seminar on “Combinatorial G-Conjecture for Interval Subdivisions” by Drs. Imran Anwar & Shaheen Nazir on October 18, 2021, at 4:00 PM PKT (Monday).

This session is a part of the series organized by the Department of Mathematics at SBASSE, LUMS Lahore.  


About the Speakers: 

Dr. Imran Anwar & Dr. Shaheen Nazir’s main research areas focus on enumerative combinatorial commutative Algebraic, combinatorial algebraic geometry and Commutative Algebra.  


Aesthetic combinatorial proof of g-conjecture for interval subdivision 

There is beauty in simplicity, and there are very few things that can match the beauty of untangling some of the deepest mysteries of logic and rationale, than the mathematical ‘magic’ that a trained mathematician can perform. One such captivating yet elusive mysteries is the g-conjecture. Simply put, it is the art of deciphering meaning and logic from within patterns, that may seem too complicated at first glance. A trained mathematician will conduct a fine dissection, layer by layer, until they arrive at simpler, more comprehendible bits and will try to make sense from there on.


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