Event date:
Feb 17 2023 11:00 am

Workshop on Time Management

Dr. Rahman Shah Zaib Saleem
Dean’s Smart Lab, 4th floor SBASSE
In order to make the most of LUMS’ campus life, students often have to manoever a wide range of commitments, spanning academics, society work, events, and more. While this elevates their university experience, it also makes effective time management an important skill for them to develop. This workshop will cover research-backed time management and self-regulation tips to help students in balancing all their commitments at LUMS. We will cover various topics, including priority setting, good practices for balance, managing distractions, and how to deal with procrastination.

Dr. Rahman Shah Zaib Saleem is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at SBASSE, LUMS. As an organic chemist, he employs organic chemistry tools to design innovative drugs and materials. Dr. Rahman teaches spectroscopy, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, and drug discovery courses to undergraduate and graduate students. He is also a recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence 2021-22.