Post Date
Jun 28 2021

Milestone Achieved

Dr. Salman Noshear Arshad has been granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor. An academician in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department, Dr. Salman's work focuses on leveraging nanostructures, particularly fibers, for higher performance in energy storage, photocatalysis and environmental remediation. These nanomaterials are heterostructures with novel designs and enhanced functionality. Over the years he has led a focused investigative stream on materials engineering in SBASSE and has recently published important results in ChemistrySelect, RSC Advances ChemChatChem and Synthetic Metals

Dr. Salman has played an important role in facilitating usage of shared experimental research facilities common to all users in the Central Labs at SBASSE. He has also partnered with the industry on various projects. A recent example is his ambition to improve the wear resistance, longevity, and splendor of ornamental materials and jewelry. He teaches physical chemistry, polymers and nanotechnology and is celebrated as a motivated and methodical teacher. 

Furthermore, Dr. Salman leads the debate on helping Pakistan make the much-needed energy transition, towards sustainability and greener future. For example, recently, he partnered with researchers in the University of Glasgow, fomenting technical and policy-oriented discussions on this topic, in a recent British Council sponsored Workshop.