Revolutionizing The Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies

Research Theme


Just like the internet has made worldwide communication and access to information possible, faster, easier and more pervasive, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a way for human beings to befriend computing, mechanical, and digital devices through data transfer and processing over a network. 
Fifth and sixth generation wireless technologies (5G and 6G) are crucial for the complete implementation of IoT technologies. These frameworks are =more than just about better streaming and downloads. They enable our devices to communicate faster which is crucial for IoT applications. Dr. Wasif Tanveer is working on miniaturized antenna arrays with high isolation, a device to be used for the implementation of 5G and his colleague Dr. Naveed ul Hassan in electrical engineering conducts cutting-edge research on reconfigurable intelligent surfaces, which have to potential to achieve secure communication in 6G.  

The IoT will also revolutionize the energy industry. In a highly promising piece of work, Dr. Hamad Alizai’s work focuses on showing how buildings can be transformed to minimize energy consumption. 
The realization of IoT requires the efficient utilization of parallel computer systems. Dr. Humaira Kamal’s research interest in developing concurrent software has led to the novel design of computer-networking methods through which multiple computers in multiple different locations can share processing power unleashing faster computation and data processing. 

Dr. Muhammad Adeel Pasha is concerned with the hardware required for the realization of IoT applications, specifically the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the demand for higher performance of computer systems comes the problem of increased energy consumption. His work revolves around the design of algorithms and techniques to minimize energy consumption. Equally important are his efforts in making these systems secure from eavesdropping and security breaches. 
Cloud computing is used for data processing that is not time sensitive whereas Edge computing is used for time sensitive data processing applications. Dr. Basit Shafiq’s research group has developed an integrated, secure framework for organizations to achieve their business goals using cloud computing.  

Dr. Wala Sadeeh’s work on wearable medical devices that can communicate with one another and Dr. Abubakr Muhammad’s Water Informatics Center’s work on remote soil moisture detection devices are only the beginning of selected facets of the IoT revolution. Both of these devices embody the vision of IoT by sending vital information about health parameters of human beings and crops to healthcare professionals and farmers respectively. 

Dr. Wasif Tanveer (Department of Electrical Engineering)
Dr. Naveed ul Hassan (Department of Electrical Engineering)
Dr. Hamad Alizai (Department of Computer Science)
Dr. Humaira Kamal (Department of Computer Science)
Dr. Muhammad Adeel Pasha (Department of Electrical Engineering)
Dr. Basit Shafiq (Department of Computer Science)
Dr. Wala Saadeh (Department of Electrical Engineering)
Dr. Abubakr Muhammad (Department of Electrical Engineering)

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