Numerics and Mathematical Modelling

Research Theme


Just like architects use software to make blueprints of buildings before initiating construction, Dr. Nauman Zafar Butt’s research group is developing numerical simulations to model the behaviour of silicon chips with desired outcomes. Many of these silicon devices are at the heart of photovoltaics and the emerging field of agrivoltaics which optimally harnesses solar energy for enhancing agricultural yields. Since we were not present when the universe began, we cannot find answers about the early universe without the help of powerful computers. Dr. Syed Moeez Hassan is running powerful numerical simulations of quantum cosmological models in an attempt to explain gravity as a quantum force and answer fundamental questions related to the early universe, and hence about our very existence.

Most scientific problems that have any practical relevance are too complicated to be exactly solved even with the most powerful computers that are currently available. In these cases, scientists use numerical methods, which provide approximate but astoundingly accurate solutions. Dr. Mudassar Razzaq’s research group focuses on what is formally known as Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI), which basically means studying how a fluid, such as blood or air interacts with a solid, such as our body’s blood vessels or airplanes cruising in the atmosphere. Therefore Dr. Mudassar’s FSI problems have wide applications in fields ranging from aerodynamics, bioengineering and meteorology. Dr. Zahra Lakdawala is applying numerical methods to the flow and transport of porous media such as earth, bones, clothes, etc. with applications in engineering, biomechanics, and geophysics.
Dr. Hassan Jaleel aims to use mathematical modelling to understand the impact of an individual’s decision on the collective behavior of a large population. This understanding is important due to the increasing interconnection among infrastructures of the energy, telecommunication, transportation, financial, and irrigation sectors.

Dr. Zahra Lakdawala (Department of Mathematics)
Dr. Mudassar Razzaq (Department of Mathematics)
Dr. Syed Moeez Hassan (Department of Physics)
Dr. Nauman Zafar Butt (Department of Electrical Engineering)
Dr. Hassan Jaleel (Department of Electrical Engineering)

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