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Jul 2 2024

The IEEE Technical Community on Services Computing (TCSVC) Research Innovation Award 2024

Comm. Cell SBASSE

Dr. Basit Shafiq, Associate Professor of Computer Science at LUMS, and Dr. Jaideep Vaidya, Distinguished Professor of Computer Information Systems at Rutgers University, have received the IEEE TCSVC Research Innovation Award. This award recognizes their collaborative efforts in addressing the challenges of composing and managing distributed business process (BP) applications across the cloud-edge continuum, considering all aspects of the BP development lifecycle. Their groundbreaking work addresses three fundamental problems:

(i)    Automating BP development based on user requirements
(ii)    Dynamic composition and management of knowledge-driven BPs
(iii)   Detecting and resolving faults in BPs

Beyond theoretical advancements, they have facilitated the practical application of their research by developing user-friendly tools.

This entire body of work was initiated by a joint project funded by the USAID under the Pakistan-U.S. Science and Technology Cooperation Program, and implemented by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. It yielded significant research and scholarship, leading to human resource development with multiple Ph.D. students graduating from both LUMS and Rutgers University. Furthermore, it produced technology that significantly aids Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the e-commerce and e-government domains.

Formal announcement details are available on the IEEE TCSVC Awards page.

About the Award:

IEEE TCSVC Research Innovation Award (RIA) recognizes one individual or one group of a few collaborators whose outstanding technical innovations in the field of services computing have had a lasting impact. The contributions must have significantly influenced the direction of research and development of the field, transferred theory to practice in significant and innovative ways, and/or enabled delivery of impactful commercial service products/systems/solutions.