Event date:
Jan 23 2024 4:00 pm

A talk on Elements of Battery Safety

MichaeL Pecht, PhD, PE Distinguished Professor - University of Maryland Director: Center for Life Cycle Engineering (CALC E) - University of Maryland
NIC Auditorium - LUMS
Li-ion batteries are commercially successful power sources for a diverse range of applications. However, the characteristics of Li-ion batteries make them susceptible to both swelling and thermal runaway, resulting in failed products, and occasionally in fires and explosions. In some cases, defects in lithium batteries are not detected prior to use. For example, recently GM, Chysler, Hyundai and Stellantis had to recall their EVs due to defects in their batteries, which caused reliability issues and, in many cases, fires. In addition, there has been numerous fires of batteries in e-bikes, vaping devices, and consumer products. In other cases, some companies manufacture batteries with inadequate safety features or misrepresent the true nature of their battery by re-using, re-wrapping or counterfeiting batteries. This talk reviews the reliability and safety issues and mitigation strategies for Li-ion batteries, as well as challenges with their re-use and disposal.

Join us for an exclusive event featuring Prof. Michael Pecht, a distinguished academic and Professional Engineer with an illustrious educational background. Prof. Pecht holds a BS in Physics, MS in Electrical Engineering, and both a MS and PhD in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin.With over 50,000 citations and an H-Index above 100, Prof. Pecht has earned recognition in his field. He is a Fellow of prestigious societies such as IEEE, ASME, SAE, and IMAPS. Additionally, he has contributed to three U.S. National Academy of Science studies and participated in two U.S. Congressional Investigations in automotive safety. Currently serving as the Director of CALCE and a Distinguished Professor at the University of Maryland, Prof. Pecht is known for his groundbreaking contributions in AI-based prognostics for electronics. His outstanding achievements have garnered him accolades such as the IEEE Lifetime Achievement Award.

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