Post Date
Nov 30 2023

Dr. Muhammad Zaheer Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

We're thrilled to celebrate Dr. Muhammad Zaheer's incredible journey, culminating in his tenure as an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, SBASSE, LUMS.

His groundbreaking work in catalytic materials and metal-organic frameworks research, focusing on sustainable energy solutions and innovative drug release strategies, marks a pivotal contribution to scientific advancement. His recent forte has been efficient, and innovative ways to engineer materials, structures and molecular frameworks for hydrogen production, programmed drug delivery, dehydrogenation and reductions. These are critical processes for a sustainable, climate-friendly and energy-harvesting-oriented ecosystem.

Dr. Zaheer's unwavering dedication to refining teaching methodologies has led to remarkable progress, recognized by both students and colleagues. His adeptness at aligning graduate-level courses with cutting-edge research exemplifies exceptional skills in connecting ideas with practice. He has recently become the torchbearer for leading a teaching concentration on environmental chemistry. Watch here. 

Engaged across diverse university committees, Dr. Zaheer's impactful service contributions, highlighted by the recent accolade for the LUMS ACS chapter, signify his commitment to academic excellence. He has sparked student life in chemistry and chemical engineering through engaging exhibits, poster sessions, the Ahmed Zewail Lecture series.

Congratulations, Dr. Muhammad Zaheer, on this well-deserved achievement! I look forward to working with you in your fruitful and impactful years. 

Muhammad Sabieh Anwar
Professor of Physics, Ahmed Dawood Chair and Dean
Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering, LUMS