Event date:
Jun 24 2022 3:30 pm

Observability in Software and Experiences of Working in Remote First Organizations

Muhammad Shahzeb
CS Smart Lab
With the rising popularity of cloud and SAAS systems, every application and system are going online. With the current internet speeds and low latencies, internet users have gotten used to rapid response times of application and they have become intolerant of down times and delays. This has given rise to the importance of observability in the software space. In IT and cloud computing, observability is the ability to measure a system’s current state based on the data it generates, such as logs, metrics, and traces. Observing live systems is critical to prevent issues and downtimes.

Grafana is one of the most popular software in the observability space and provides all three pillars of observability namely:
⁃ Metrics
⁃ Traces
⁃ Logs

In this talk, we will go over the topic of observability, its importance and how we can use Grafana to serve our observability needs.
We will also see how easy it is to quickly get up and running with Grafana cloud to set up your observability stack.

Apart from that I will share my experience of working in a remote first organization which has won multiple awards for best workplace culture.

Shahzeb is equipped with an engineering degree from FAST and an MBA degree from LUMS and is currently working at Grafana Labs as a Senior Cloud Integration Engineer. He has previously worked with big names in the technology space like Afiniti and Plumgrid.

Apart from his corporate career, he also has a very strong freelancing profile where he has built multiple technical solutions for his clients along with his team independently.