Event date:
Jul 19 2021 4:00 pm

Simulation-based Techno-Economic Analysis of Crystalline Silicon and Thin-film Solar System with and without Tracking

Dr. Nauman Zafar Butt
Syed Muhammad Aqib
Zoom Meetings (Online)
MS Thesis defense
The world is moving toward PV systems in this decade, and much research has been done in this field, but new research reveals innovations every day, and PV systems are becoming more advanced and efficient day by day. Although silicon solar cells dominate the current solar PV market, thin-film technology is growing rapidly nowadays and many thin-film modules like CdTe and CIGS have approximately reached 18% efficiency. Pakistan currently generates only 0.58% of energy from PV. We should focus on PV generation to lower the demand for natural gas and coal. Currently, the air quality index (AQI) value of Lahore is 164, which is a very unhealthy environment category and the risk of health effects has increased for everyone. The AQI range for a healthy environment is from 0 to 50. To generate maximum energy from PV, we should design an optimal PV system. In this thesis, firstly we compare monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and thin-film PV by doing techno-economic simulations and calculations. And results show that thin-film PV generates more energy as compared to mono-Si and poly-Si, but more area is required per kW. Also, poly-Si has a minimum Levelized cost of electricity among all three types of PV systems, but mono-Si requires a minimum area as compared to both poly-Si and thin film. Secondly, we compare fixed-tilt PV systems of all three types with a single tracking scheme and identify the best scenario for which we can develop maximum performance. In the end, we conclude that mono-Si can be used at the domestic level because it requires a minimum area per kW. And poly-Si can be used at the commercial level where it has a minimum Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE). Furthermore, thin-film can be used in areas where space is not a constraint and maximum energy is desired.

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