Post Date
May 20 2021

Introduction to Quantum Computing by Dr. Muhammad Faryad

This course will be students’ first introduction and hands-on interaction with quantum computers. They will learn designing quantum algorithms and implementing them on actual quantum computers. The course is specifically designed for broader group of students to introduce quantum computer programming without requiring any previous knowledge of quantum physics.

Major learning will be by studying algorithms to solve practical problems like searching a database, factoring prime numbers, optimization, etc. and demonstrating the quantum advantage over currently used classical computers. The algorithms will be implemented using QISKIT package in Python and students will learn to write the programs and run them on IBM’s quantum computers. This course will also cover all the syllabus of recently announced IBM’s certification exam for quantum developers.


Semester: Summer I

Date:  June 14 to July 8

Schedule: Monday to Thursday, 2 pm to 4:30pm

Credit hours: 3

Course prerequisites: Modern Physics (PHY 104) OR Computational Problem Solving (CS 100)