Post Date
May 3 2021

Promotion of a Pioneer

Dr. Shafay Shamail has been made Professor and granted tenure in the Department of Computer Science at SBASSE. Dr. Shafay is a pioneer of software engineering in the country and has shaped this discipline. This celebratory news is a befitting acknowledgment of his all round contributions.

In the almost two decades of association with LUMS, Dr. Shafay has helped set up the Department and the School, as well as the Office of Research. His main research interests lie in the areas of software quality, e-commerce, service computing, autonomic systems, governance, and IT for development. By graduating the School's first PhD student, in a way, he initiated our graduate program as well. Dr. Shafay has taught a wide set of diverse courses including the popular CS 100 course, initiating large numbers of students into the art of programming and computational thinking.

Furthermore, Dr. Shafay has played an important role in the development of the software industry and its liaison with the academia. He serves on national accreditation and curriculum revision committees and is member of various Boards of Studies, and contributes to important policy level decisions at various forums. 

Dr. Shafay Shamail earned his BSc Electrical Engineering from UET Lahore, MSc Electronics from University of Wales, UK and PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Bath, UK.