Post Date
Apr 1 2021

LUMS is developing tailored services for young migrants

A significant number of young people are impacted by geopolitical conflicts that displace them from their native environments and support structures. Such people face many hurdles in higher education and employment in the local market. Responding to the limited participation of such people in the socio-economic fabric of the country, LUMS is developing tailored services such as training programs and psychosocial services that would enable young migrants and refugees to gain employment in the ICT sector, which is a major economic driver in Pakistan. Project INTEGRA is funded by a 3-year capacity building grant from EU’s Erasmus+ Program. This joint project has partners from Greece, Portugal, and India. 

For details, please visit the project’s website: INTEGRA – DevelopINg Tailored comprEhensive services for younG migRAnts (   

Dr. Asim Karim, professor of Computer Science, is leading the effort from LUMS.