Event date:
Mar 24 2021 2:00 pm

Cobalt-MOFs: Earth-abundant electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline medium

Dr. Muhammad Zaheer
Bushra Iqbal
Zoom Meetings (Online)
PhD Research Seminar
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) recently have emerged as materials with interesting electrochemical properties besides their high specific surface area and structural diversity. We successfully fabricated two MOF-based electrocatalysts (denoted as Co-1 and Co-2) of different morphology by the reaction of terephthalic acid linker (BDC) and its amine-functionalized analog (NH2-BDC) with cobalt nitrate hexahydrate under optimal reaction conditions. After characterizing the materials with Powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and specific surface area measurement tools, we explored electrochemical performance of the MOFs for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Co-1 MOF (with BDC linker) possessed an irregular structure, while Co-2 MOF (with NH2-BDC linker) showed a two-dimensional sheet-like structure. The Co-2 showed excellent HER activity among the as-synthesized materials, such as low onset potential of (0.15 V) and overpotential (0.171 V at 10 mAcm−2) in 1M KOH. Moreover, it showed long-run stability for 20 hours and high Faradic efficiency (97 %). Our results suggest that amine-functionalized Co-MOF is a potential candidate for electrochemical HER due to its distinctive nanoarchitecture, morphological features, basic surface functions, and physiochemical properties.

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