Post Date
Mar 8 2021

Natural Language Processing – An online course by Dr. Asim Karim

Can we converse with a computer as naturally as we do with each other? If you’re interested in Natural Language Processing, check out this course by Dr. Asim Karim.

This course will cover the foundations of natural language processing (NLP) from textual content processing to corpus understanding. It is designed to develop the syntactic and semantic concepts of NLP and introduce the computational techniques for analyzing and understanding textual content. In addition to foundations, the course will also introduce significant application areas of NLP such as sentiment analysis, machine translation, and question-answering/conversational agents. A strong programming background is required for the course, and it is recommended for CS seniors and graduate students.

The course is taught by Dr. Asim Karim, Professor of Computer Science at SBASSE, LUMS. 

The course is available here: