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Double-E with Quadruple Grants!

Four faculty members, who also serve as Principal Investigators (PIs) from the Department of Electrical Engineering, have each been awarded a grant each (for approximately US$100k) from all four National Centers established by the Higher Education Commission.

The National Centers are designed to create national capacity in key emerging areas that have received much attention and focus, in recent years across the globe and where a competitive advantage for Pakistan can be created among its international industrial competitors. The four PIs from SBASSE were awarded grants after the centers ran their internal grant cycle and a competitive national competition.

Congratulations to the Department of Electrical Engineering!


We’d like to recognise the names of the awardees and their research theme.


1. Nauman Zaffar (PI), Waqar Ahmed (CoPI from ITU)

Theme: Electric vehicles penetration by leveraging big data

Funding Entity: National Center for Big Data and Cloud Computing (NCBC)


2. Zubair Khalid (PI), Muhammad Tahir, Momin Uppal

Theme: Catalyzing Industry 4.0 using Internet-of-Things testbeds

Funding Entity: National Center for Robotics & Automation (NCRA)


3. Awais bin Altaf (PI), Wala Sadeh

Theme: On-Chip Epilepsy Predictor

Funding Entity: National Center for Artificial Intelligence (NCAI)


4. Muhammad Tahir (PI), Zubair Khalid, Momin Uppal

Theme: Protecting Physical Infrastructure against Cyber-Attacks  

Funding Entity: National Center for Cyber-Security