Event date:
Dec 18 2020 5:00 pm

Emerging Trends and Challenges in Electronic Protection of Radar by Dr. Tauseef ur Rehman

Dr Tauseef ur Rehman
The talk will give an overview of the various challenges in employment and operation of radar and communication systems in hostile environments and strategies for safeguarding them from disruption and deception attacks. Additionally, an introduction of some emerging technological trends with implications in above mentioned scenarios would also be covered.

About the speaker: Dr Tauseef ur Rehman is a graduate of College of Aeronautical Engineering Risalpur in Avionics Engineering. He did his PhD and Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering with specialization in High Performance Computer Vision and Controls Systems, respectively, both from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA in 2010. Dr Tauseef carries over 30 years of R&D experience which includes faculty assignments at NUST and Air University as well as key appointments in several R&D setups within Defense Sector of Pakistan. Presently, he is serving as Chief Technology Officer of National Aerospace Science and Technology.

This seminar took place online via Zoom on December 18th 2020, at 5pm PST