Post Date
Dec 16 2020

Course on differential equations, which capture change, is now accessible to everyone, and might change how you look at the universe around you!

We use them to predict progression and regression of disease, how well your favourite smartphone did against the competition, the way plasma twists and turns on the boiling, roiling surface of the Sun and if you ever feel like figuring out the age of the Earth itself. Welcome to the world of differential equations! Oh and, if they get too hard – we can always use graphs and pretty plots to look at their solutions.

Say hello to the world of differential equations, recordings of a class, presented on YouTube by Dr. Amer Rasheed from the department of Mathematics. 

Dr. Amer Rasheed, who uses differential equations to make a living, took inspiration for his teaching in this covid-impacted semester, from classrooms filled with empty chairs and silence and decided to create content that could be delivered to a broader audience both inside and outside of LUMS. Dr. Amer was able to achieve this through smart class technology that can make education outreach easy, even from the confines of a physical classroom.

We believe that this course will help many physics, mathematics and engineering majors through its free distribution on a public platform. In SBASSE, LUMS, this is a required course for many physical science and all maths students. The course deals with first order
differential equations, system of first-order linear equations, introduction to special functions, Fourier series, partial differential equations and much more!

View them here: