Event date:
Apr 27 2022 12:00 pm

Manufacturing 4.0: Application of human robot teams and digital twins

Dr. Ali Ahmed Malik; Oakland University
CS Smart Lab
Future factories are believed to be intelligent, reconfigurable, and adaptable to market dynamics. The vision of batch-size-one production and mass-personalization is not so far from becoming a reality. Technologies are getting available and are becoming 'smart' with each passing day. Ever-increasing computing power, big data, and smart robots are forming this new wave of smart manufacturing. Contrary to conventional automation, teams of humans and robots can expand the level of automation in areas that have conventionally been difficult to automate. Digital twin as a data connected virtual copy of a physical system can address the complexity of such human-robot teaming. Humans as future operators are desired to interact with machines through immersive technologies. Such a future manufacturing ecosystem is referred to as Industry 4.0. Besides discussing the manufacturing 4.0 strategies by different companies, the lecture will present an outlook on emerging manufacturing technologies, and their practical use cases.

Dr. Ali is an experienced researcher and engineer for manufacturing automation with a demonstrated history of working in higher education and manufacturing industry. His skills are in engineering system design, human-robot teaming, simulation modelling and industry 4.0 strategy development. Ali received his Ph.D. in Manufacturing Systems from the University of Southern Denmark, and has been working in Danfoss, LINAK, and Siemens Renewable Energy in Denmark. Recently, Ali has made a shift towards academia and is working as an assistant professor at Oakland University, in Michigan, United States. His work has been published in Science Robotics, Journal of Manufacturing Systems, World Economic Forum and other outlet.