Event date:
Jan 13 2022 3:30 pm

Heterogenous Oxidation Catalysts Based on Manganese Metal-Organic Frameworks

Dr. Muhammad Zaheer
Arslan Akbar
Dean’s Office Smart Lab (fourth floor)
MS Synopsis defense


The synthesis of Metal-Organic Framework has attracted immense attention in the last two decades, as they emerged as a versatile class of materials for many applications and the possibility to obtain variety of aesthetically interesting structures. Due to high surface area, tuneable porosity and diversity in metal ions and organic linkers, MOFs have been the subject of a large body of research across several disciplines. They are particularly interesting as solid catalysts due to uniformity of their nodes which mimic metal oxides and may act as active sites.

Among other transition metals, redox properties of Manganese have been exploited in organic synthesis (catalytic oxidation), energy conversion and storage. MOFs based on Mn (Mn-MOFs) have certain advantages over conventional manganese oxides such as well-defined active sites and high surface area.

Herein we report the synthesis of series of Mn-based Metal-Organic frameworks with functionalized linkers under optimized experimental conditions. Based on the above considerations we will check the intrinsic activity of Mn-MOFs for the oxidation of benzyl alcohol and lignin model compounds.

Thesis Committee

  • Dr. Muhammad Zaheer (Supervisor)
  • Dr. Irshad Hussain (Thesis committee member)
  • Dr. Basit Yameen (Thesis committee member)