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Dec 3 2021

Another Feather in the Cap

Dr. Irshad Hussain, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and professor in chemistry and chemical engineering has also been elected as a Fellow of Pakistan Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Irshad’s work is primarily focused on functional nanomaterials. His group specializes in the synthesis of metal/metal oxide nanoparticles with decent control over their size and surface chemistry. Functionalized nanoparticles and their composites have been used for applications in biomedical sciences, energy technologies and environmental remediation. For example, his work sees the applications of smaller metal nanoparticles (less than 2 nm), generally known as nanoclusters, to address a grave healthcare challenge i.e., Multidrug Resistance  or also known as MDR. In this regard, Dr. Irshad’s group has designed and prepared highly stable atomically monodisperse silver (and other metals) nanoclusters to kill bacteria that are resistant to many antibiotics. These nanoclusters can also be encapsulated in tiny capsules (nanocapsules) with other antibiotics to enhance their antimicrobial properties by synergistic effect.

Dr. Irshad is currently associated with the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at SBASSE, LUMS.

We congratulate Dr. Irshad Hussain on this momentous recognition and wish him more success!