Post Date
Jul 4 2023

Dr. Naveed Bhatti who has joined us as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science

Dr. Naveed graduated from FAST Islamabad in 2011 with a degree in telecom and pursued his master's degree in computer science at the same institution. Under the guidance of Dr. Affan Syed and Dr. Hammad Alizai, he conducted groundbreaking thesis research on Wireless Sensor Networks, which resulted in his paper being published at the prestigious ACM/IEEE IPSN 2014 conference. 

During this conference, Dr. Naveed had the opportunity to meet Prof. Luca Mottola, who would later become his mentor during his PhD studies. He joined Prof. Mottola's Network Embedded System (NES) research group at Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Dr. Naveed's Ph.D. research focused on transiently powered computing and yielded several noteworthy papers, including one that received the best presentation award at the ACM/IEEE IPSN 2016 conference. 

Adding to his contributions in the field, Dr. Naveed conducted a real-world embedded sensing deployment at the Mithræum of Circus Maximus, an underground archaeological site protected by UNESCO in Rome, Italy. The findings from this project were published in SenSys 2020. Following the completion of his PhD, Dr. Naveed undertook a postdoctoral fellowship at RI.SE, Sweden for a year and a half under the ERCIM program.

Before joining LUMS, Dr. Naveed dedicated three years of his career to Air University, Pakistan. His exceptional work earned him the best faculty award in his department and a commendation award from the Vice-Chancellor. His website is here.