Event date:
May 31 2022 11:00 am

Marine Robotics – Global Technology Trends, Opportunities and Challenges for Pakistan’s Industry and Academia

Attaullah Y. Memon, PhD
SBASSE Auditorium 10-301
The significance of current growth of technology in the fields of robotics and
automation cannot be over-emphasized. Specifically, with the unprecedented
advancements in the field of underwater applied robotics and its tremendous utility in
numerous civic, military as well as scientific applications, it is widely expected that
societies abreast and compliant with such technologies are bound to prosper exceedingly
than those without it.
This presentation is aimed to cover modern global technology trends in the field of
underwater applied robotics, with a focus on research and indigenous development
aspects of various underwater robotic platforms, e.g. unmanned underwater vehicles
(UUVs), with respect to commercial applications like exploration of natural resources such
as oil and gas, geo-mapping of seafloor for building offshore subsea infrastructures,
scientific exploration of natural hydrothermal vents and other marine environment related
In addition, the presentation will cover military applications of underwater robotics
for seaport security and intrusion detection as well as detection and neutralization of
unwanted objects (such as explosive mines etc.), together with establishing a need to
carry out substantial research and development at a national level in this critical domain.
The presentation will conclude by highlighting various challenges as well as
opportunities for Pakistan’s industry and academia, putting it all in a perspective while
proposing a course to steer so as to effectively meet the national needs and necessities
of the present and the future.

Dr. Attaullah Y. Memon received his BE degree from NUST, Pakistan in 1999, and the MS and PhD degrees from Michigan State University, USA, in 2004 and 2009, respectively, all in Electrical Engineering. He specializes in the areas of mathematical modeling and design of robust nonlinear controllers for dynamical electro-mechanical systems ranging from autonomous unmanned vehicles to mobile robotic platforms. His current research interests include design and development of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), nonlinear robust and optimal control, robotics & automation, and hybrid control of networked and embedded control systems. He is the founding director of Robotics and Dynamic Systems (RDS) Research Laboratory at NUST-PNEC and is currently working as the Principal Investigator of various funded R&D projects in the fields of marine robotics and underwater technologies. Dr. Memon is winner of the Best Teacher Award for the years 2011 and 2016, and Best Researcher Award for the Year 2015. Since 2007, he is a professional member of IEEE Control Systems Society and Robotics and Automation Society.