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Jul 5 2024

Dr. Irshad Hussain Honored as a Distinguished Scientist by the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Comm. Cell SBASSE

Dr. Irshad Hussain, Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, has been recognized as a Distinguished Scientist under the CAS PIFI (Chinese Academy of Sciences President’s International Fellowship Initiative). This accolade places him among a select cohort of global professionals committed to advancing research excellence.
Prof. Hussain earned this prestigious award in recognition of his prolific research collaborations with leading academics in China, resulting in numerous impactful publications in nanomaterials research across esteemed scientific journals. Currently, he is conducting a tour of various CAS institutions in Wuhan and Changchun, where he is delivering a series of lectures and facilitating the exchange of ideas with Chinese researchers supported by CAS funding. In future, he is also expected to host Chinese researchers funded by CAS.
The Chinese Academy of Sciences emphasizes that distinguished scientists like Prof. Hussain are recognized by their established international reputation in their respective fields, their significant scientific contributions, and their receipt of prestigious international honors and awards.