Event date:
Oct 3 2022 3:00 pm

Advanced Membrane Technology as a Change Agent in Large Scale Gas Purifications

William J. Koros | Georgia Institute of Technology School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

New opportunities for chemical processing industries in so-called “upstream” and “downstream” hydrocarbon process sectors are emerging, thanks to now abundant natural gas resources.  Upstream processes refer to production of raw materials, while downstream processes refer to those closer to the end user or consumer.  Although current technology is effective in both sectors, it still relies primarily upon energy-intensive processes for key separations with large CO2 footprints. This presentation will explain why advanced polymer-derived membranes, in asymmetric hollow fiber forms, can provide significant positive changes across the separation spectrum to reduce energy intensity and carbon dioxide emissions. I will consider practical approaches to achieve such changes based on a strategy that merges fundamental science and engineering principles to introduce such membranes into large-scale processes.


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