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Sep 15 2022

Syed Babar Ali inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

The faculty and staff of Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering extend their heartiest compliments to the school's founder, Syed Babar Ali. He has become the second Pakistani to be inducted into the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, after the Nobel Laureate Dr. Abdul Salam. 
The American Academy of Arts & Sciences founded in 1780 aims to celebrate outstanding achievements of the most influential personalities in various disciplines, ranging from arts to sciences. The 13,500 members of the Academy include statesmen, Nobel laureates, freedom fighters, and champions of diversity, independence and global harmony. 
Syed Babar Ali has immensely contributed to the development of Pakistani educational, environmental, and corporate sectors. He has established multinational manufacturing units and service industries in Pakistan, including The Packages Ltd, Nestle Pakistan Ltd, Tetra Pak Pakistan Ltd, the Ali Institute and many more. He is a patron of arts, heritage, language and culture. He is also the founder of our most precious national treasure, LUMS and the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering.

We are reminded of how Syed Babar Ali denotes success: "Success is not what you have but what you give".


Thoughts by SBASSE Faculty:

"آپ کو اس اعزاز کی باضابطہ وصولی پہ بے حد مبارک ہو۔ لاکھوں نوجوانوں نے آپ کے لگائے ہوئے پودوں کی چھاوں میں بیٹھ کر زندگی گزارنے کے گُر سیکھے ہیں، زندگی کی حقیقت سیکھی ہے۔ لاکھوں ہی نوجوانوں نے ادبار اور مفلسی کے سایوں سے ڈرنے کی بجائے ترقی اور اُمید کے روشنی کے چراغ جلائے ہیں اور جہالت کی دلدل سے نکل کے تعلیم کے گلستانوں کی آبیاری کی ہے۔ بابر صاحب، ہمارے پورے سکول آف سائنس اینڈ انجنیئرنگ کی طرف سے دِلی مبارک ہو، سب اہلِ خاندان کو مبارک اور ہم سب کو مبارک"۔

~ Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar - Ahmad Dawood Chair and Dean SBASSE


"My heartiest congratulations to Syed Babar Ali for a truly deserving recognition. Being the founder of LUMS, an institution that is known for its quality education in the region, and later envisioning the establishment of Syed Babar Ali School of Science & Engineering (SBASSE) and the School of Education, he has played a foundational role to promote quality education in general and to bring a paradigm shift in Science and Engineering education in particular in Pakistan. He is a strong advocate of education for society and the contributions he has made in this regard are unparalleled in Pakistan at least. I am particularly impressed of his personal interest to establish state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities at SBASSE and his extremely humble and selfless nature. He has played a key role in transforming the lives of thousands of unprivileged students and is still a hope for many. Salute to you Babar sahab, and wishing you to stay healthy and be blessed always."

~ Dr. Irshad Hussain - Department of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering


"It is a great honor for all of us and Pakistanis to see you inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Hope your example to serve for the education cause in Pakistan will be followed by more."

~ Dr. Nadeem A. Khan - Department of Electrical Engineering


"It is indeed a tremendous honor to be inducted into AAAS! Congratulations Babar Sb for being a trail blazer and a source of inspiration for all of us, and for bringing such accolades to our country."

~ Dr. Shahana Khurshid - Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


"Syed Babar Ali is the most outstanding patron of Pakistan's arts and sciences. Even at the age of 95, he is sharp in his mind, rich in his heart, and still following his passion for 'learning from others.' Those who have been provided the security of following our dreams at institutions built by Babar sahib have the dual privilege of learning from SBA directly. While not a teacher and a scholar in the usual sense, he imparts wisdom to students, faculty, practitioners, and leaders alike to think beyond themselves, be honest, and look out for the less privileged. If only other philanthropists and industrialists could have offered their minds, hearts, and material resources so generously to society. I fondly remember SBA reciting the following verse from Gulistan during a meeting with faculty, which captures so accurately the story of his own life."

قارون هلاک شد که چہل خانه گنج داشت
نوشیروان   نمرد   که  نام   نکو  گذاشت

Qarun perished despite owning forty houses of treasure,
But Noshirvan won’t die for leaving a good name for his generosity


~ Dr. Abubakr Muhammad - Department of Electrical Engineering


"Heartiest congratulations on being inducted in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. This truly an honor not only for yourself but for the entire LUMS community and in fact, all of Pakistan. Babar SB, you are truly an inspiration for us all.

We hope that other industry leaders would follow the path you have paved, by investing heavily in education, and as a result in the future of our beloved country."

~ Dr. Haniya Azam - Department of Mathematics


"On receipt of the great news of your prestigious recognition by the American Academy of Arts and Science, I explored and got the following values:

  • Advancing the common good
  • Upholding democratic ideals
  • Elevating the use of evidence and knowledge
  • Fostering deliberative discourse
  • Preserving independence
  • Embracing diversity and inclusivity
  • Celebrating excellence 

In a country like Pakistan, where the overall academic values swell over superficial excellence and guarding mediocrities. LUMS is a name of hope and promise that you have given to this region and Pakistan. This is conformant to how gracefully you cut the "Gordian Knot" to garner intellect and excellence in Pakistani academia. No doubt, LUMS is the "holy grail" that will keep on fostering many minds in the future. I must congratulate the American Academy of Arts and Science for having such an exceptional visionary Awardee who has a celebrated career not limited to the above-listed values but many more.             

May Allah bless you with more contentment and rejoice to see many stratospheric success stories."

~ Dr. Imran Anwar - Department of Mathematics


"My heartiest congratulations to you Babar Sb for a well-deserved induction to AAAS! As a member of LUMS community I feel extremely proud and honored to work in the school which was established under your visionary leadership to breathe new life to the sciences and engineering education in Pakistan. No words can do justice to your contributions to society which have given hope to so many underprivileged people, transformed countless lives, and inspired so many including us to keep learning. I wish you the very best."

~ Dr. Salman Noshear Arshad - Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


"The induction of SBA sb in American Academy of Arts and Sciences is a great honor for the entire nation and specially for the LUMS community. He wears many hats but his dedication, passion, generosity and hard work to promote science education in Pakistan is exemplary and will have a profound impact on technological development of Pakistan."

~ Dr. Muhammad Zaheer - Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


"Heartiest congratulations to Syed Babar Ali Sahib on being inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Your untiring efforts and innumerable contributions have transformed the lives of so many people and cannot be acknowledged in words. It is a great honor for all of us to have affiliation with you."

~ Dr. Basit Shafiq - Department of Computer Science