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Jun 2 2021

Summer I, 2021 - STEM Courses offered by SBASSE

This summer, SBASSE brings yet another assortment of diverse and engaging courses. Here are a few from the list to pique your interest.

Quantum Computing

This course will be your first introduction and hands-on interaction with quantum computers and will be conducted by Dr. Muhammad Faryad. It is specifically designed for broader group of students to introduce quantum computer programming without requiring any previous knowledge of quantum physics. We will study algorithms to solve practical problems like searching a database, factoring prime numbers, optimization, etc. and demonstrate the quantum advantage over currently used classical computers. This course will also cover all the syllabus of recently announced IBM’s certification exam for quantum developers.


Dr. Ali Jawaid, is passionate about equipping his students with a ‘neuroscience toolbox’ which not only contains a strong theoretical basis for different process related to the human central nervous system, but also how to develop, study, and solve a neuroscience-based scientific question after gaining knowledge about the molecular mechanisms involved. Join his course to get a glimpse of what makes our fascinating brain function the way it does.

R Programming

Conducted by Dr. Aziz Mithani, this hands-on course aims to teach students how to program in R and use it for effective data analysis. Starting from a basis including installation and software configuration, this course will teach the students generic programming concepts which are typically used in a high-level statistical language. Specific topics include basic programming in R, reading/write data from text files, functions, and using R packages. Practical examples from biology will be used to demonstrate the use of R for data analysis.

Introduction to Food Science

Break away from the world of myths surrounding food and nutrition with Dr. Muhammad Saeed’s course. Understand the nature of food, what makes it go bad and both domestic and commercial aspect of production, preparation, cooking, handling and consumption of food.

Introduction to Forensic Science

Join clues and figure out the entire story – join Dr. Muhammad Zaheer as he takes you on a thrilling journey to make forensic science clear and comprehensible. The course introduces various aspects of the forensic laboratory and the forensic sciences used in collecting, preserving, and analyzing physical evidence from the crime scene. 

Commencement of classes: June 14, 2021
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