Event date:
Oct 18 2023 3:00 pm

Computational algorithms and analysis strategies for reference based transcriptomic data

Dr. Laraib Iqbal Malik
Dean’s Smart Lab, 4th floor SBASSE
Tremendous advances in sequencing technologies have paved the way towards development and application of a plethora of computational methods that aim to use sequencing to answer a wide array of biological questions. This talk is going to highlight the speaker's contributions to the development of such algorithms and their application to single-cell RNA-seq data for understanding gene expression and associated changes under disease conditions. 

Dr. Malik is a Senior Scientist at the biopharmaceutical company, AbbVie, where she works on drug discovery from a multi-omics perspective for neuropsychiatric disorders. She graduated from LUMS in 2013 with a BS in Computer Science and continued to pursue a PhD from Stony Brook University, with a focus on the development of computational algorithms for sequencing data analysis. She has published several papers at renowned bioinformatics venues.