Post Date
Mar 1 2021


Beenish Muazzam (MS Physics 2019, SBASSE)
A poem by Beenish Muazzam (MS Physics 2019, SBASSE)

Within the ocean, within the sky,

We seek the meaning of similar tone,

The winds do not blow meaninglessly,

Each breeze is moving following the law,

Every ray of light,

Reveals the biggest mysteries,

Our minds can take us places,

which we haven’t seen,

We see signs everywhere,

Yet we have seen nothing in our lives,

How big we feel when we explain underlying phenomena,

How small we feel when we know that there is no extent,

The questions are simple,

How big is the Universe?

What is the meaning of time?

How real is everything?

Who are we?

The questions have been repeated from the beginning of humanity?

From time to time explanations have become elaborate,

But answers have never been complete,

We are asking nature to tell us more,

Surely there has been radical changes in technology,

But we are still repeating the questions we asked when we were six,

We have probed the smallest scales,

We have observed the largest distances,

There is indeterminacy and precision,

There is chaos and definite order,

There is delicate yet perfect balance,

Universe has a beginning, it has an end,

But there is no limit to the depth it withholds.