Post Date
Dec 16 2020

A Shattered Surprise in SBASSE’s Central Lab

Glass is glass - and glass can break. A panel of tempered glass in SBASSE’s Central Lab mysteriously shattered, creating a mesmerising pattern, the cause of which is still under investigation.

There is some appetite for the notion that tempered glass is unbreakable. That is simply incorrect. Tempered glass is created by special heating and cooling processes that induce internal stresses which are released suddenly in the presence of triggers such as micro-cracks. Unlike regular glass, the tempered glass breaks into small chunks which are relatively harmless, compared to the long, jagged splinters that can cause serious injury.

Isn’t it wonderful that seemingly blind laws of nature that choreographed this shatter pattern have also birth forth the formation of the human eye, brain and the associated neural network, which help us look back at nature in awe of its raw beauty, even in chaos!