Event date:
Feb 16 2024 4:00 pm

The 9'th Abdus Salam Memorial Lecture! Some Reflections: Abdus Salam, the growth of science and physics in Iran

Professor Yousef Sobouti, IASBS, University of Zanjan, Iran
NIC Auditorium - Basement SBASSE Building LUMS
In this reflective talk, Prof. Yousef Sobouti will not only recollect his interactions with Abdus Salam but also share insights from his experiences in building new world-class institutions in Iran that have propelled scientific and physical inquiry and have nurtured indigenous talent. Surely, these experiences stand as a role model for many developing countries including ours.

Professor Yousef Sobouti is a prominent astrophysicist and educator known for his significant contributions to basic sciences in Iran and the developing world. As the founder of the Institute for Advanced Sciences in Basic Sciences and a collaborator with  institutions like the Abdus Salam ICTP and The World Academy of Sciences, Prof. Sobouti has played a crucial role in advancing scientific education and research, and the nurturing of scientific talent in the region.