Work from Home, the Right Way



Unprecedented times have compelled us to stay home and create a new work routine; work-from-home has now become a necessity. Here are a few ways through which you can make your current work-from-home set-up more efficient and also maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Routine, routine, routine

From dressing for the job, to creating a designated workspace, it’s important to follow a set routine to get into work-mode. Create a realistic schedule for your work day and stick to it and tweak it accordingly to the changing circumstances. After all, you have the biological ability to adapt to your environment.

Communication is key

Have clear deliverables of the day, and communicate them efficiently to your boss or team. Make any interaction within the team clear and select a particular medium of staying in touch that all team members are comfortable with. Preferably start your day with a brief meeting to facilitate the day’s trajectory.

Work must end, for home to start

It is imperative to establish healthy boundaries between work and home, otherwise you start to lose control and may feel you are always at work, with no home to come to. Schedule time with family and ignore any office interaction during that time. 

Social distance, for your sanity

How many times have you felt the symptoms of COVID-19 creeping up? How many times have they disappeared after a few hours? These pseudo symptoms are because your mind is playing tricks with you. For your sanity, practice social distancing, even at home, and limit your exposure to the influx of information, verified or otherwise, especially on those pesky family Whatsapp groups.

Sweat it out, so you don’t sweat it

Finding the motivation to work out is hard, so incorporate short bursts of activity throughout the day that involve simple stretches and are not rigorous enough to cause injuries. Exercise regularly to not fall into a slump and ideally sign up with a friend or family member who will help make an exercise regime a permanent feature in your cloistered days, and beyond.